“I chose to create something, and then to take care of it, in order to get the life I wanted to end up with.”

Eric Taylor,

Founder of Salon Republic

“I know a lot of people that don’t really associate COVID with a great experience. But for me, it’s a little different.”

Leticia Herrera,

Founder of Wonderfully made Ultrasounds

“I was very intimidated by my business idea for many, many years.”
Anke Bodack,
Founder of Twelve Senses Retreat

“My old boss was making it too easy for me to just quit my dream in LA and become comfortable in my old life.”

Daniel Odesanya,

Co-Founder of Luxe Bites

“You can’t really get into restaurants without having a screen playing with your attention.”

Anthony “Dutch” and Vikki van Someren,

Founder of Bike Shed Motorcycle Co.

“I realized that I was making an impression on young girls in particular, and be a role model, whether I would like it or not.”

Elisa Donovan,

Actress & Author

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