“I watched my parents become successful entrepreneurs, and as a child of immigrant parents, that’s a huge deal.”

Rekha Brar, founder of Blossom Box Jewelry

Rekha Brar, the founder of Blossom Box Jewelry, knew from a very young age that she wanted to follow her parents’ footsteps and pursue entrepreneurship, but she didn’t exactly know what the business would entail. “Before I pursued my passion for jewelry design in 2011, I was an accountant. Working as an accountant provided me with financial security, but it just wasn’t my calling. I knew there was something else out there that was meant for me.” Rekha always knew that she was a creative soul, so she decided to take a detour and launch her business – that’s when Blossom Box Jewelry was born.

Rekha, was being an entrepreneur always something you wanted to do?

My parents migrated to Canada and I watched them become successful entrepreneurs, and as a child of immigrant parents, that’s a huge deal. I always wanted to be my own boss. I preferred the flexible work hours and schedule. That being combined with my love for Indian culture, I wanted to bring something from my roots to the new world that I was now living in.

How did you learn to be an entrepreneur and make the right decisions?

During my undergrad, I minored in Entrepreneurship and also completed my graduate degree at NYU in business, but I don’t think there is a right way to learn ‘entrepreneurship’ truthfully speaking. I believe you are constantly learning from your mistakes. You fail a few times and you let the dust settle, you analyze the mistake and try to learn from it and then move forward. Another key component to making the right decisions is simply being able to spot an “opportunity” and take action right away; be alert. 

How prepared were you when you first started out? Did you know what to do and how much was based on trial and error?I

started the business as a hobby. I set up a Facebook Page, created some beautiful content and monitored my fans to see how they would react to the designs I was putting out. From there I created campaigns that would excite them and of course campaigns that excited me. I built an organic community and after months of trial and error I decided to host my first Pop-Up. On the day of the Pop-Up there was a line-up of fans out the door and that’s when I knew perhaps, I could turn this into a viable business. 

Being a busy and successful business owner, how much time do you still have for being creative?

In order for a business to stay relevant I think creativity is imperative. I set aside a ‘creative hour’ each day. I think of new design ideas, new marketing strategies or simply organic ways to reach press. As a business owner you want to keep things exciting and fresh while still keeping with your true mission.

Your jewelry can be found in big stores like Anthropology, Free People or Nordstrom. How did you manage seeing your products in stores like this? Do you have a tip for other female founders on how to get this ball rolling?

It’s has been a long journey and a lot of hard work and consistency to get in front of these buyers, but I suggest not giving up. Stay as consistent as possible. Reach out to the buyers via email and continuously share your catalogs. Your designs may resonate with them and be exactly what they’re looking for that season. Remember trends change each season so they’re constantly looking for new and unique merchandise.

How does a typical day in your life look like? Are there non-negotiables? 

I am an early-riser and I try to complete my most difficult tasks first thing in the morning, that’s definitely a non-negotiable for me. I, then, listen to an uplifting entrepreneurial podcast each morning and then head out for a run. Most of my creative thoughts occur during my run. From there I head to the office and that when my day “officially” begins.  

Looking back now, would you say everything turned out like you expected it or wished for?

We’re all on our own journey and I am grateful for each moment. I am firm believer that things occur for a reason & sometimes certain things don’t make sense at the time, but we connect the dots later, that’s when you have those ‘aha’ moments. It’s been a beautiful journey thus far I’ve met so many creatives along the way. I wouldn’t change a thing – I feel so incredibly blessed.



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