Inspired LA is a high-quality coffee table magazine dedicated to telling the stories of local people, small local business owners as well as creative minds and artists of the Greater Los Angeles area. The magazine is published in print and digitally and features interviews, articles and excellent photography created exclusively by our editorial team and contributors.

Inspired is published four times per year per and reaches deeply into the network of people living in these areas.


Los Angeles has been a hot city for many years. Besides being driven by the abundance of people, unique culture, beautiful weather, and attraction of the film industry, it is also one of the most competitive real estate markets, especially for those who are not rich and famous. Finding the right place to call home is not just about finding the right house at the perfect location, it is a deep love affair between architecture, interior design, outdoor living, affordability as well as living in a safe community and fun-filled place. What is it like to live in the city of angels?


In the past decade, LA has been nurturing a lot of creatives and entrepreneurs across industries who are keen on founding the businesses of tomorrow. In fact, LA is regarded as one of the top 10 startup ecosystems in the world and home to a lot of notable startups. Reason enough to take a closer look and ask how they did it. It is not uncommon for founders to find themselves in unfamiliar territory, which not only requires a lot of creativity and willingness to take risks, but can also in many cases only be survived through trial and error. So many unplanned ups and downs of the economy, questions about product development, human resources, pitch and marketing strategies, investor acquisitions, local and international expansions, … And in between all of that, they still have to keep a positive mindset and believe in themselves.


While Los Angeles has long had a strong affiliation with the contemporary art world, it is often cited as being outside the

industry’s mainstream. But this hasn’t stopped artists from writing their own histories. Even though LA is a front runner in the film and music industry, there is also a strong sense of artist community. Photographers, Designers, Street artist, Content Creators – there is so much more creativity under the surface. We want to dig deeper and show what this city has to offer.


Thriving in Los Angeles means living the American dream. But there wouldn´t be such an abundance and variety of things to see and try if it would not be for the goal-getters who are following their dreams and building their own businesses or projects. We talk to those founders, startups and individuals who not just found their own way of living their American dream, but also want to give back to their community. What is it like founding a business in such a competitive and thriving city?


LA´s sprawling nature, sparkling ocean view, and sunny weather is putting all the other urban jungles in the United States to

shame. LA is a melting pot for all kinds of activities, cultures, and spots to explore. And the longer our editors lived here, the

more they saw that this isn’t a city just for tourists — it’s a city for residents. We see LA from a resident‘s perspective and came

to the conclusion: Once you take the pressure of trying to fit Los Angeles into the tourist box, you see the magic of the city.


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